for Enterprise Software Sales Teams 

We make it easier for your customers to commit to larger multi-year transactions by providing deal structuring and financial solutions that remove the budget and financial obstacles that prevent customers from being able to commit and move forward with your solution. 

Close bigger deals faster with happier customers!

We've helped enterprise software sales teams just like yours close almost $2B in transactions over the past 20 years.

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Three Key Situations Where CTS Can Help

We buy from ISVs the way that you want to sell... and sell to your customers the way that they want to buy

Ramp Up & Roll Out Solutions
Structures that give sales teams maximum ARR/ACV/TCV upfront while allowing customers to lock in lower costs for a multi-year commitment but incur those costs over time as they implement and use the software.

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Budget & Deferral Solutions
Deferral solutions allow sales teams to close transactions to meet month-end, quarter-end or year-end targets by solving issues relating to your customer's short-term budget constraints.

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Competitive Displacement Solutions
Roll-In solutions solve the problem when customers have a competitor product installed and can't move forward because they don't have sufficient budget and don't want to or can't be paying for two solutions at the same time.

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Structures That Create the Win-Win Sweet Spot For Customers & ISVs

We buy from ISVs the way that you want to sell... and sell to your customers the way that they want to buy

Independent Software Vendor

Vendor Sales Teams get to Sell the Way they Want to Sell:

  • → solve customer problems and remove obstacles to multi-year commitments
  • → close larger deals faster
  • → maximize incremental ARR, ACV & TCV
Remove financial obstacles that prevent customers ability to commit
Solve customer budgetary and financial issues
We focus on how customers account for software costs (structuring for budget availability) NOT just how they pay for it (financing)

Customers get to Buy the Way they Want to Buy:

  • → lock-in best pricing and volume discounts with multi-year transactions
  • → match costs and payments to budget availability and use of the software

Our Track Record

More deals. Bigger deals. Faster closes. Happier customers.


CTS has structured over $2B in transactions over the last 15 years for ISV Sales Teams


CTS works with over 50 major Enterprise Technology Venders across North America


50% of average reduction to 1st year OPEX and 20%+ overall savings with CTS solutions

"CTS has been the key to us closing over $100 million in deals over the past three years. Without their structuring and financial options our customers simply would not have been able to move forward."

Jason Morris
Enterprise Account Exec

"CTS helped us negotiate the lowest cost per seat by enabling us to commit to multi-year volume purchases without the up-front negative impact to our budgets.”

Doug Schneider
Former Global CTO
Manulife Financial

“CTS solutions elevated our sales conversations away from a lowest pricing conversation to discussions with Finance and C-suite executives about how we could help them solve their business problems”

Oomesh Patel
Enterprise Account Exec